Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Song Selection

Despite Elton John’s forceful proclamation, I don’t believe that Saturday night is necessarily alright for fighting. To me, Saturdays are for fun, recharging and relaxation. So, on Saturdays, I'll be putting politics, and world and social issues aside, and instead, with the help of the fine people at YouTube, I'll be posting music on my blog. Each week's selection will be a personal choice that in some way has relevance to my life. It might reflect family, my youth, my beliefs, or it might just be something fun, unique, historic, nostalgic or just a song that I think, for some reason, needs to be shared. Tonight's choice is about family. This is a song that I heard throughout my youth and at many family gatherings. It's not quite a classic, unless you grew up an Italian-American kid in Staten Island, New York - Lou Monte's, "Pepino the Italian Mouse" (not to be confused with Topo Gigio.) I personally preferred the flip side of this 45, "What did Washington Say When he Crossed the Delaware," which posited the idea that George Washington was an Italian- American who spoke his mother tongue to his troops during times of crisis. But for tonight, as a tribute to the folks at home - "Pepino, the Italian Mouse."

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