Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Saturday Song Selection: Sunday Bonus - Mel Torme’s, Sunday in New York

(Clearly, by no sane person's assessment is today Sunday. But, alas, technical and copyright problems have plagued me for days and I've just now been able to successfully post this song/video. Was it worth all the time and labor? I seriously doubt it. So now, friends, pretend your Rod Taylor or James Darren or even Mr. Peabody - enter whatever time travel conveyance you favor, and take a journey back to Sunday, August 29th.)

The response to Bobby Darin’s, Sunday in New York, was so positive that another Special Sunday Edition of the Saturday Song Selection was definitely called for. So today, I hope you enjoy Mel Torme’s rendition of Sunday in New York - now even Sunday-er.

As I was born too late (to quote the Poni-Tails) and he died, so tragically young, I never did get to see Bobby Darin perform. But I did get to see Mel Torme, with some regularity, when he did his yearly gig at Michael’s Pub in New York. Unfortunately, as Michael’s Pub closed quite a few years ago, and Mel has left this earthly plain, those events are now just pleasant memories.

The Velvet Fog’s rendition is a bit mellower and doesn’t swing quite as much as Bobby’s, but perhaps his arrangement befits the lyric even somewhat better. Having just been out - on a Sunday, in New York - I would say that the song depicts the experience pretty well - minus any reference to the oppressive heat and humidity, of course.

Also, August 29th turns out to be a date with a rich cornucopia of worthy birthday acknowledgments, so many happy returns of the day to all of the following: Lea Michele who gleefully turns 24. Head-spinning, Exorcist director, William Friedkin - 71. John (Maverick? Who ever said Maverick?) McCain - 74. And then, there are those who have left us - Isabel (Weezy) Sanford, who has really moved on up and would have been 93 today, and film legend, Ingrid Bergman, 95, whom my family always referred to as Cousin Ingrid, but that’s a story for another day.

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