Tuesday, February 21, 2017

B.R.A.T. – Bloggers Resistance Against Trump

"Save the Country Now"

If Donald J. Trump can destroy the country with his tweets,  we can save the country with our blogs.

There are an estimated 31 million bloggers in the United States, just slightly fewer than the number of fabrications articulated, thus far, in the initial four weeks of the illegitimate presidency of Russian marionette and Dexter Morgan doppelganger, Donald J. Trump. Each individual blogger has followers and an audience, large or small. Imagine the power and the scope of reach if just a reasonable fraction of those bloggers united behind the cause of sharing truth and reality, in this present-day American atmosphere of “alternative facts,” with the eventual, additional goal of ousting the mentally unstable, evil madman now in hostile and illegal occupation of the Oval Office. That is the basic concept behind B.R.A.T. – Bloggers Resistance Against Trump.

In this current calamitous political clime, it is truly the duty of all patriotic American citizens to take to heart our fundamental democratic concept of a government “of the people, by the people and for the people.” In preservation of our principles and values, we are all being called to embrace and preserve that vital and exceptional tenet - and doing so requires constant vigilance. Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon and the rest of the modern day S.S. have created their own reality and their own truths, and have gift wrapped this dangerous demagoguery in the perilous packaging of white supremacy, bigotry and xenophobia. The Trump followers, anxious to blame personal woes on an evil other, rather than take responsibility for any self-harmful actions or in-actions, gladly and willingly, reject the factuality of words and deeds they have witnessed themselves, and instead pay blind fealty to a hateful snake-oil salesman, accepting all of his malicious and obvious prevarications as indisputable gospel from on-high.

Not My President's Day Rally, New York City - 02/20/17
As individuals, blessed with the privilege and the power that the Constitution grants us all  - the right to express oneself, our First Amendment right of free speech (for now); and as an online community, it’s imperative that we keep up relentless pressure on this criminal enterprise. And even beyond that, it must be made crystal clear to Congress, that spineless assemblage of profiteers, that if they don’t finally evolve some rear vertebra and actually represent the people who elect and pay them by beginning to take the needed steps to remove Trump from office, then they shall be the ones swept away in a lava stream of voter anger and discontentment, seeking new employment post-2018 midterm elections.

This hoped for legislative insurgence should not really be seen as an impossible dream only posited possible or probable by us most dedicated and determined tilters at windmills. In a sense, this historically sad, pathetic and extremely explosive excuse for an executive branch was dead on arrival. Republicans find Trump an utter embarrassment, and are, in reality, equal in their loathing for him as any Democrat. Meanwhile, with a 40% approval rating and the logical accompanying, 60% disapproval rating, demonstrated in action by daily protests, marches and rallies, the people have spoken; and have done so as loud as a Donald Trump, China-manufactured, ridiculously lengthy, red satin tie.

Not My President's Day Rally, New York City - 02/20/17
Now, while Mussolini’s bastard son has little to no governmental support, we must again be mindful that the esteemed and embarrassing body on Capitol Hill has a degree of fortitude and courage to make the Cowardly Lion seem like Conan the Conqueror, and it has become entirely evident that the survival of the greatest Democracy the world has ever experienced rests solely with the active engagement of a sizeable share of our 300 million.

The Battle Ahead – B.R.A.T. Aspirations

  • ·         To encourage bloggers to unite as a voice bonded in battle against the treacherous, un-American and fascistic Trump agenda.
  • ·         To spread valid and factual information, to be a truth teller when nothing but falsehoods will be emanating from this administration.
  • ·         To spread the message of the Anti-Trump Movement and aid in the expansion of the resistance, as rapidly as achievable, before Trump has success in his stated attempts to put limits on our First Amendment rights. The blogs that are here today may very likely be disappearing by government edict tomorrow.
  • ·         To embolden those who read our blogs to actively participate in the democratic process in any way that is practical, doable and desirable for them - be it in written form, in calls to Congress, in social media, in attending rallies - using their Constitutional and pro-America right to peacefully protest. Dissent is a great American tradition.

Not My President's Day Rally, New York City - 02/20/17
The White House is our house, not Trump’s. The American people determine who deserves to take temporary residence in it – not billionaires, and not Russia. Trump serves at our pleasure, and there’s been nothing the least bit pleasurable about his totalitarian insanity. It will be the voice of the people that will finally, hopefully, sooner than later, turn the tables on the tangerine reality star, as tens of millions of patriotic Americans, en-masse, will loudly, proudly and with a happy hostility, rudely proclaim, “You’re fired!”

Fellow bloggers, please download the logo, share it on your blogs and share the crucially important message of the resistance – let’s actually make America great again, again - you know, as it was in 2016.

If Donald J. Trump can destroy the country with his tweets,  we can save the country with our blogs.

“Gonna lay the devil down, gonna lay that devil down.
I got fury in my soul, fury's gonna take me to the glory goal
In my mind I can't study war no more.
Save the people, save the children, save the country now” – Laura Nyro

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Simple Letter to the World – An Apology from an American to the Human Race

“I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter
And make believe it came from you
I'm gonna write words oh so sweet
They're gonna knock me off my feet
A lotta kisses on the bottom
I'll be glad I got 'em”

 Dear Rest of the World,

     We're really sorry! Most of us wanted nothing to do with this treacherous sociopath that Russia, Steve Bannon and his white nationalist movement, un-Constitutionally and unlawfully installed in the White House. Vladimir Putin and Steve Bannon are allied in paralleled plans and philosophies of world conquest and supremacy.  In Donald J. Trump, they found a buffoonish, ignorant, intolerant, sexist, hate-filled empty vessel, who, lacking any principles, ideologies or even thoughts of his own, but for his pitiful and pathetic non-stop need for power, attention and glory, could be cajoled and flattered into fulfilling their frightening, criminal and immoral misdeeds.  And, sadly, through the manipulation of a far too sizeable swath of the American public, they unearthed an ugly, racist, bitter, often unintelligent and woefully uninformed electorate, so worshipful of celebrity, they would willingly and happily swallow every Trump sin, lie and illegality in their belief that regular television appearances bestow superiority, and worthiness for ascension to the most powerful office on this, now very endangered, planet.  Each and every proudly unenlightened, wrathful, small-minded and prejudiced voter who checked a box, popped a chad or pulled a lever in favor of this traitorous and treasonous Executive Branch, now shares equal responsibility and blame for the destruction, chaos and lost lives that this illegitimate president has already afflicted upon America and the world in his very brief, but already much too long tenure.

     But global friends, and I truly extend the hand of friendship, despite the detestable, inhumane and acrimonious acts of my nation, with anticipation of that gesture being amicably returned - there is hope. It is just a relative few of us who are at all of boorish and bigoted like mind with Trump and his supporters.  You’ve seen the marches and protests, the almost continuous activity on our streets.  We have been challenged by fascism and totalitarianism, and are actively defending the solemn values of our republic. And, as a nation built by immigrants in search of tolerance and religious liberty, we don’t hate or fear you, no matter your spoken tongue or rituals of faith.  Nations and borders are arbitrary and illusory. Every human being, despite geographical separation or religious diversity is, first and foremost, a citizen of the world - each and every one of us, biologically identical. A different skin shade, cultural custom or spiritual sacrament does not inherently make one evil or untrustworthy, unless, of course, as we have recently and unfortunately discovered, that epidermal hue is powdery orange. That artificial spray dye once applied, clearly has a deleterious effect on judgement, compassion, intelligence, and overall brain function.

     We are fully aware that Donald J. Trump is a dangerously and extremely mentally disturbed rabid cur; and, again, thoroughly apologize for being the thoughtless and backward populace that precipitated his nightmarish rise to authority and command.  But, we love our country, are desperately fighting for it, and are honestly doing our best to rectify this odious and offensive situation as rapidly as possible. We don't want to die either.

     I’ve been fortunate to have traveled to many of your countries, enriched by each experience and encouraged by the shared humanity encountered. Regardless of the injurious intent and depraved determination of Putin, Bannon and Trump, there is far more to unite us than there is to divide us.  Given some time, as precious as it is, we shall undoubtedly triumph. Thanks for your saintly patience, and see you soon.

Your pal,

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