Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Song Selection - Sunday in New York

I love this song. This recording. This arrangement. And most of all this artist. Give it a listen, especially if you’re not in the best of moods, and it‘s destined to lighten your load, at least just a little bit. Sunday in New York has been the song on the profile page of this blog since its inception so, basically, it’s always been the theme song for, “… and several butcher’s aprons.” This song is how I “hear” New York. I remember it emanating from the radio in my parent’s kitchen, always tuned to WNEW-AM radio and, even as a kid, it felt cool and sophisticated to me, just the way I see New York. Many hear the city in Gershwins’, Rhapsody in Blue. For some, it’s the Lovin’ Spoonful’s, Summer in the City. And still for others, it’s Lou Reed’s, Take a Walk on the Wild Side - all worthy contenders. But Bobby Darin covers it for me. If you’re unfamiliar with Bobby Darin, he is the person whom Canadian, karaoke crooner, Michael Buble, is a pale imitation of. Darin was also a multiple Grammy winner, supporting actor-Oscar nominee, and a guy with a fascinating and dramatic life story that would make a great Broadway show - someone should really work on that.

Also, today we begin recognizing celebrity birthdays - so happy day, David Soul - 67, Ben Gazzara - 80 and Leo Tolstoy - 182! I certainly hope Leo appreciates these good wishes. And lastly, a great, big, sincere Happy Birthday to my friend, Joan.

Enjoy, Sunday in New York.


  1. Oh, Jon, to think you mention my name in the same company as the great Ben Gazzara, Bobby Darin, David Soul and Leo Tolstoy! Thank you!!

  2. I especially like Mel Torme's version of the song. Remember seeing him at Michael's Pub? And how cranky he looked sitting at the bar?

  3. You're welcome and I hope you had a great day. Ah, I fondly remember the Mel concerts, but I don't recall the crankiness at the bar.

  4. nycityman, Being a huge bobby darin fan my entire life, i love what you said about him. His sunday in new york definitely makes you feel good! I hope many read your blog to discover the magic that is Bobby Darin! Thanks!!! Nicolle

  5. Hi Nicolle,
    Thanks, so much, for your kind feedback. I grew up on Bobby, my Mom still has the original ATCO, Mack the Knife, 45. I think that he was a much under-appreciated talent, that, unfortunately, is probably almost forgotten by the younger generations.
    Anyway, thank you, again, and keep checking in. I have a feeling that Simple Song of Freedom will be making an appearance soon.

  6. is that a picture taken from my roof???