Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thank You

The cyber-heart of this, simultaneously too insecure and too egotistical, blogger is full. In the day since I decided to take a hiatus of undetermined length from, "... and several butcher's aprons," this blog has received a wealth of page views, some accompanied by very nice personal notes. I'm feeling sincerely appreciative. And, as any readers might know, you don't generally see much sincerity on these pages. Sarcasm, I do. Snark, I do. Derision and disdain, I do. Sincerity - not so much. So, in these few, rare moments before Mr. Hyde makes his return engagement, I thought I'd just share these few thoughts. Thank You.

To the good people at Darin Lifetime Events 07, I don't actually know who Michael Cembalest is, so I am not he. I was born the year that Mack the Knife was the number one song in the nation and, while growing up, Bobby Darin was always a family favorite. A few years back, I began some work on a self-created and since stalled, Darin related project and so immersed myself in the details of his fascinating and dramatic life. Upon its probable return, "A Sunday Dose of Darin" will very likely become, "A Weekly Dose of Darin" as, in all honesty, it's currently acutely cramping my football viewing.

To you all, and Sarah Palin, see you soon. Now, quite appropriately, Bobby Darin will take us out on a very positive note with a song by Steve Allen. As the old joke goes - Steve Allen claimed to have written thousands of songs - name two. (Ah, the snark returns!)


  1. A Hiatus?!?!?!?
    I hope you mean you have gone and returned. :)
    Don't leave us --- your writing is wonderful and the number of readers has expanded....Bobby fans are out here in large numbers and have only recently found you.
    Please don't go! OR --if you have gone and returned :) Hooray!
    Ann Hopka

  2. Will you tell us more about the aforementioned Darin project you were working on previously?
    I agree with Ann, please don't go away for too long, we all enjoy your muses,especially about Bobby!
    Mary Jean

  3. Ann and Mary Jean,
    I know I've used the word "appreciation" often, but I really can't express that appreciation enough for your extremely thoughtful comments. From all evidence you Darin Lifetime Events 07 members are a really great group of people and I'm very pleased that we have become connected through the cyber universe. Thank you, so much, for keeping up with this blog. I've gotten such wonderful, supportive comments recently that there's no way I could stay away. Due to some family obligations I won't be doing the usual Darin post this weekend, but you'll be hearing from me soon. As far as the project I referenced, as it's still in its early stages it's best to remain vague, but if I get back to developing it some more, I would love to share it with you. Thank you, again - nycityman

  4. I think you are wonderful nycityman, and in awe of the depth of your knowledge of Bobby Darin. I look forward to your blog. Hurry back.

  5. As a huge fan of Steve Allen (his TV show was the BEST), when you challenged your readers to name two songs he wrote, I thought, snap, I'll come up with a dozen. Well, not so much. I thought and thought and came up blank. I didn't even know that Allen wrote the song you have Darin singing. So much for being a fan. Never mind.
    Love your blog!

  6. Barb,
    Thank you very very much. Your kind words mean a lot to me. One of the best surprises about doing this blog is that I've been fortunate to receive some wonderful feedback from a few thoughtful folks such as yourself. And it sincerely touches me that people take the time, not only to read my often lengthy and verbose ramblings, but also to leave a nice thought. Thank you.

  7. Earth Ocean Sky Redux,

    Actually, I'm a Steve Allen fan too. He was a very funny man, with that great mixture of really smart and really silly humor combined. And he was a great adlibber. He was also a man of many talents, but that line about naming two songs was an old saw that was just too appropriate and too easy for me not to use in that spot, so I couldn't help going for it. By the way the song was a big hit for Steve and Edie and a really good song too. I'm also pretty sure that Allen actually wrote a short-lived Broadway musical.
    I really enjoy your blog as well and I'm impressed with how prolific you are. Thanks for linking mine to yours and I'm attempting to do the same for you even as we speak, if I can just remember how.