Friday, July 29, 2016

Conventional Wisdom – Snidely “Donald J.” Whiplash Hates America

“Heroes and villains
Just see what you’ve done.”

Both the Republican and the Democratic Conventions are now in our rear view mirrors, and the contrast could not have possibly been more distinct.  The DNC was a celebration of America. The RNC was its wake.

Compare the conventions, and it’s as if we witnessed electoral events of two completely contradictory countries with very little, if any, similarities – two opposing realities, two perceptions of politics, of good and evil, of values, of life and living. The GOP of 2016 has much more in common with the Confederate States of America, than it does the republic envisioned and designed by our founders; with a leader owing more to Jefferson Davis than Thomas Jefferson.

Trump Presidential role model, Jefferson Davis
The Democrats hosted a proud, patriotic, flag-waving, optimistic proclamation of the greatness of our country, our people and our ideals, with an exciting vision of a positive and diversified population unified in its love of liberty, equality, freedom and country. The Republicans presented an Aryan hate rally, denigrating our great nation, belittling its people and painting a hopeless, bleak portrait of the world and our place in it – all led by a weak, thin-skinned, vengeful, uninformed, hate-filed, bigoted, authoritarian madman and wannabe totalitarian strongman, proffering himself as the sole solution to the many fictional dilemmas of a non-existent dystopian society. Trump shared his singular view of America, that being, if you’re non-white, non-Christian, non-native born, you are the cause of all of Mother Earth’s problems and you are not, and will never be, a “true American.”

Meet Don J. Trump. His Boy Eric. Daughter Ivanka. Melania his wife.

Here’s a unique interpretation of this Fuhrer of Fifth Avenue - many generations of Saturday Morning cartoon viewing Americans are familiar with a classic, animated evil-doer by the name of Snidely Whiplash; may I suggest the unlikely scenario that the Donald is the flesh and blood, living embodiment of this cell-drawn demon, albeit, one who’s actuality accedes greater peril, with far worse intent; while still being one-dimensionally cartoonish and sincerely simpleminded, with a focus solely on inflicting severe damage on others, all in the cause of self-aggrandizement, self-promotion and self-gain.

Yes, Trump is the fiendish, mustache-twirling, dastardly devil who, upon having his loathsome lustful advances spurned, lashes the young, lovely damsel in distress to the train tracks. He’s the heartless landlord who gleefully evicts the poor widowed senior from her home for a single late rent payment. He’s the cruel, orphanage director who feeds his minor charges nothing but cold, lumpy gruel 3 times a day.  And I wonder, why do Republicans not grasp this obvious and odious disposition? Is my worldview too sadly dominated by repeated childhood viewings of the Little Rascals and Dudley Do-Right?

Or perhaps, just perhaps, the Trumpeters do sense this deeply embedded background and foundation of pure, vile evil in their candidate, and rather than reject it, choose to embrace it, and so share equal responsibility in the end of days that a Trump Presidency portents and promises.

I'm afraid that the millions of us trying so desperately hard to fight against Trump’s ascendance to power are actually helping him instead. The sorrowful truth is that all of the things that reasonable people find so repulsive in him - his misogyny, racism, ignorance, narcissism, lack of any knowledge about our country, our history or our government, his dozens of extramarital affairs, his sexual assaults, his non-stop onslaught of lies, his draft dodging, his disparagement of veterans, POW's and the disabled, his pure hatred for those not Caucasian, his text book sociopathic traits, are the very things his supporters worship about him. They love to assert that he speaks for them, so, the more we point out what an inhumane, worthless parasite he is, the more we may actually be helping his malicious cause.

Republicans believe that everyone in the world is out to get us and so we better get them first. We (real, thoughtful, genuine, flesh and blood humans, that is) believe that the best is possible only when we are united and come together in cooperation and harmony toward a common goal.

By the final, fetid, fascistic words of Trump's oration of hate, fear and division, one felt covered in a foul filth that a million showers could never expunge; yet, thankfully, the optimism, the American spirit and the truths spoken by the participants at the DNC thoroughly cleansed us, as only love, tolerance, unity and acceptance can.

The GOP makes heroes out of villains and villains out of victims.

“Stand or fall I know there
Shall be peace in the valley
And it's all an affair
Of my life with the heroes and villains.”

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