Monday, June 13, 2016

The War We Will Never Win - Gun Nuts, the NRA and GOP Wage War on America

“Man reaps what he sows” – Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in response to the fatal targeting of homosexuals

“Need a gift for #FathersDay? How about a gift from the #NRA store?!” – the first NRA tweet after the Orlando Massacre

Here we find ourselves, once again, with another senseless, tragic mass shooting, this time, the worst in our country’s long, violent and bullet-riddled history; with another legally purchased and licensed military assault weapon in the bloody hands of a mentally disturbed, American born and bred, bigoted civilian.  For a scant day or two, people will pretend they care, and write of prayer and thoughts for the victims, along with other equally easy, worthless, pointless and useless platitudes; but as is always the case, no action will be taken to prevent homicidal maniacs from getting guns, because ensuring unfettered and unlimited access to weapons is what the United States of the NRA really cares most about. The usual idiots will spout the usual idiocy declaring the actual problem to be the lack of firearms in America, and the solution being a good old fashioned, 19th century cowboy movie shootout within the environs of a dance club.  Time to remove our stunted imaginations from the fantasy world of a back-lot, black and white, John Wayne shoot-em-up, and accept the factual realization that we are rapidly becoming a sad joke of a nation, now best known around the world for our regularly scheduled mass shootings, and Donald Trump.

“Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism… ” – Donald Trump

This weapon is not designed for self-defense but, rather, solely for military use, and is intended specifically to kill as many people as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is not protected by the 2nd Amendment - a severely antiquated proclamation, conceived in the age of muskets, which in some more advanced and enlightened U.S.A., should we survive and find a reasonable and livable existence post-Trump and his dangerously vile supporters, will hopefully be seriously reconsidered, if not completely repealed.

Why is this ongoing battle one in which we are very unlikely to ever emerge alive and victorious – it is a war against ourselves. Somewhere along the line, the red, white and blue decided that guns are more important than human lives, and that our very children are an acceptable sacrifice on the altar of the Smith and Wesson. Should you doubt that premise, I now take temporary leave of my verbosity to allow genuine reactions to the Orlando shooting tell the true, sad tale of the distinctly American worship of the sidearm and the semi-automatic, above all else.

These statements have not been edited or altered, the various misspellings and grammatical errors are true to the intended sentiments of the authors. The names are not revealed, so as to protect the guilty from the fallout of their own astounding prejudices and stupidity.

Voices of American Doom

Steven W. – “Not withstanding the terrorist committed murder 50 times, but maybe some of the gays will consider their lifestyle is an abomination to our Creator?! Just sayin'....”

Diane B. – “I think this is a conspiracy!! Our enemies are doing this so our government can disarm us and they are falling for it.”

Joseph A. – “ Who's the know if Obama orchestrated this?”

Lindy R. – “This is why you do not accept any mid east in our nation now for you no not who your enemy is, just like wirh japanese , you gather them up ship them out , build a wall to keep enemy out! and obama, hillary want to pour them in , this is insane, but for tratiors to this nation it is typical!”

Midge W. – “We need to get the Muslim out of the White House!!!


Ray B. – “TIME to depose all muslims from office and rid them of our country!!!!


Henry C. - “Ironic that the people who think Trump is a racism for wanting to make sure people who come to America are not Muslim Extremist, are the ones being killed for being gay. The ones saying he is a sexist, yet Trump is not the one who thinks all women have to cover their faces. If Obama and Hillary get there way there will no gays in America and Hillary would have to cover her face. They better be careful what they wish for!”

Steve B. – “Rise up America and arm yourselves, help protect your loved ones and people you care about. We need to beat down this Islamic threat and send it back to where it came from.

Alexander S. - “Ban Islam - save our country!

Joanne I. – “The solution is everyone should be armed and able to defend themselves

Clark T. - “This is reason enough to arm our selves!!! Not take our guns! The real terrorists are the politicians that want to take our gun rights away and not blame radical Islam !!!!

Howie M. – “Apparently our Government under the Islamic Sympathizer in Chief, is not prepared to take the action necessary, so that leaves US. It's going to get done sooner rather than later & AMERICANS WILL END THIS. There is no police force or Armed Force at Obama's, or for that matter Hillary's disposal, that can stand up to the Armed American Public, sorry, but the numbers just don't add up, so they and their cronies had better be prepared to get the hell out of the way. Donald Trump gets it, which is why last Night's Massacre has guaranteed he will be elected, if the election ever takes place, & Hillary doesn't put out a hit on him? I just want to know one thing, can we reserve tickets to the executions now?, or do we have to wait for them to go on sale to the general public through Ticketron?”

We are a nation born of gunpowder, weaned on blood and raised on hatred and prejudice, with a lengthy history of perpetrating violence and death upon our own – we exterminated native peoples, enslaved Africans and interred American citizens of Japanese descent – all innocents sacrificed for the American dream and the benefit of the wealthy and empowered. And as witnessed by the vulgar voices above, a certain segment of society still wishes to reign death upon the country and will not be satisfied until we destroy each other in an apocalyptic flurry of deadly gunfire.

No more prayers, no more good thoughts, no more debating, no more discussion, no more capitulation to the deep pockets of the NRA., no more blood staining the streets. President Obama must sign an executive order to ban assault weapons immediately, and then let Congress go ahead and fight against him, the future of our nation, and the lives of our children.

It's truly this simple, if you don't think guns are the problem, congratulations, you are correct. You're the problem.

“There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear.
There’s a man with a gun over there, telling me, I got to beware.” – Stephen Stills

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