Saturday, November 16, 2013

"And No Religion Too" - An Atheist's Prayer

But the Lord says, 'be submissive wives; you are to be submissive to your husbands.’" - Rep. Michele Bachmann

“We should create law based on the God of the Bible.” – Sarah Palin, ward of the state

“I just believe in me” – John Lennon

The struggle of reason – to accept, solely on faith, that which logic, life-experience and rationale dictate to be, by every possible measure, incredulous, implausible and ultimately unbelievable. And then, if choosing to dismiss such blind faith, finding a balance between a dislike, distrust and even disgust of the fiction of religions and the immeasurable destruction that they have wrought upon society and civilizations; the inherent negativity of building lives, laws and cultures around this man-made construct designed to control and constrict human thought and behaviors, and the every-day practicality that those who hold this non-belief are a vast minority, in a certain sense, always strangers in a strange land.
Perhaps we need a prayer of our own.

An Atheist’s Prayer

Sing praise to thee
On bended knee,
For fear you’ll strike us dead.
We genuflect
Not from respect,
But censured years of dread.

Give alms to thee
A fiefdom’s fee.
A tribute paid,
A soul remade
Erasing every sin.
The price for Heaven admission, not contrition.
Weekly contribution buys absolution,
And you’re in.

No freedom’s free,
Our guilty plea.

We pray to thee
On bended knee
A God conjured of mist.
A God of love
Shines from above
When not perpetually pissed.
Part sacred retaliation,
Bloviated threats of harsh damnation,
Simultaneous claims of salvation,
All too tempting to dismiss.
Why think us profane,
Sent to the Devil’s domain
As the cost of a forbidden kiss?

Some pray for love
Some pray for health
Some pray for lasting peace.
A fiction man envisions,
Causing cultural collisions,
False historical revisions
Fulfilling wants that never cease,
All for the hopes of those deceased.

The point of sacred mumbling
A god that keeps you humbling,
Disavowing personal choice
And yet the devotees rejoice,
For this sacrosanct illusion
Favoring bigoted exclusion,
And centuries of conflict and confusion.

We can summon our fabrication to calm our fevered soul,
Or be the lord of our own creation and actually reach an earthly goal.
Is this the irony of men
To craft a god who looks like them,
Only to surrender in his name
What makes us human and humane?

So, now I lay me down to sleep,
Resolute to find a truth to keep
If I should die before I wake,
I have no need for Heaven’s sake.

 And now, while patiently awaiting the time until I am “shuffled off this mortal coil” clearly bound for my eternal comeuppance, allow me to share with you John Lennon performing “God.”

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  1. You are an excellent poet! In addition to your many other talents, and your right-on rationalism. this is the best:
    Is this the irony of men
    To craft a god who looks like them,
    Only to surrender in his name
    What makes us human and humane?

    so many ironies, so little time. Religion's best feature is that it gives its followers comfort. But it's a comfort based on illusion, and so many of them know it (if they give it any thought). At least us atheists have the comfort of knowing that we have the sense and the strength to face life as it is, and accept what will ultimately happen. I can't believe that religious people are better off with this acquiescence to their unsatisfactory lives in hopes of a future better life, because to some extent it precludes them from truly appreciating all that this life has to offer - to the fullest extent, every day. That 'don't postpone Joy' stuff. But then, there's a lot I don't believe.

    1. Thanks for your generous feedback, you are too kind, as usual. You make a great point about the postponement of fulfillment and joy, all for the hopes of a highly suspect future that will very likely never happen. Such a waste of the finite time we have to use our lives to the fullest.
      Thanks again.