Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pennsylvania 1-6-0-0-oh!

Worth a Thousand Words VII – Bride of a Thousand Words

Official Obama White House photographer, Pete Souza, has done yeoman’s duty, these last 4 years, preserving and capturing for posterity some remarkable images, both artistic and historic, of the personal and professional goings-on, in and around the Oval Office.  So significant and extraordinary are most of these photographs that, of course, it is the duty of  “… and several butcher’s aprons” to share them and then ruin them with silly and sophomoric comedy captions, as we are kind of jerky and annoying that way.

These are presented with apologies and much appreciation and admiration for his excellent work; and with sincere hopes that in the unlikely event that he finds himself exposed to this minor bit of whimsy, Mr. Souza appreciates the humor and the, mostly, good-natured spirit in which this was intended, and does not, instead, make use of our fine criminal justice system.

Today’s post also includes a special surprise, and a first for this blog – a captivating contest complete with glorious and glamorous, grand-prizes!  Slog your way through the amusingly, annotated snapshots, and the details will follow.

For a look at more of Pete Souza’s photography, minus the juvenile jests, you can travel the highways and byways of the World Wide Web to his Flickr page by following this link - http://www.flickr.com/photos/whitehouse/

As always, all pictures can be enlarged for easier reading with a mere click of the mouse.

Contest Giveaway
If you’ll glance to where the lovely Carol Merrill is now standing (or simply scroll to the picture beneath this paragraph) you’ll see the fabulous, paltry prize package of “…and several butcher’s aprons” swag!  Faster than you can decry, “why would anybody possibly want this junk?” you can be the first on your blog to own this unique and unappealing key-chain, pen and refrigerator magnet set!  Once your anticipation and exhilaration are contained, merely compose your very own comic caption to the final Souza photograph posted below, and email said wacky witticism to butchersaprons@mail.com.  Besides guaranteed procurement of the hitherto mentioned treasure trove, the winning entry will also be posted on an upcoming blog where it may be seen by some of our over 160,000 previous readers.
All this can be yours!
Hmm, surely something funny must be going on here

Lastly, as is our want, we conclude with a musical number that, should you not be a remnant from the Gilded Age such as myself, may help explain the meaning of today’s title. From 2007, 63 years after his plane went missing over the English Channel while traveling to entertain troops, the Glenn Miller Orchestra and “Pennsylvania 6-5000.”

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