Friday, September 14, 2012

Unconventional Wisdom: A Pictorial Parody of the Republican National Convention

Worth a Thousand Words 4: Conquest of the Planet of a Thousand Words

So yes, perhaps this installment of  “… and several butcher’s aprons” is, desperately and weakly, weeks behind the actual political news cycle; but sometimes an idea has to gel over time, has to mature, ruminate and age like a fine vintage Bordeaux; and then other times, the cheap, easy, obvious, salacious, low-brow and frequently sexual suggestive humor does not occur to you until the unmarked tablet your buddy gave you for your headache, swearing “it’s just an aspirin, man” turns out not to be so. The creative process is eternally an unpredictable and fickle mistress.  But rest assured in this fact, my loved, desired, needed, appreciated, respected, remarkably intelligent and devastatingly attractive, regular readers; and you disappointed new-comers who happened upon this page from an errant Google search while seeking the website of the male escorts showcased on Showtime’s “Gigolos;” forever and always, this shall be so - Wherever there’s a mean-spirited, New Jersey Governor appearing even the list bit peckish, I’ll be there.  Wherever hand motions are wide enough, and positioned in such a way to permit one to make “size” jokes, I’ll be there. Wherever a candidate is snacking on a phallic shaped food item, I’ll be there.  And although I receive no compensation for these refined and noble efforts, I consider it my duty, nay my privilege, as an American.

Before forwarding to the folderol, a note, lest you think that the admittedly exceedingly partisan nature of this blog means that the comedic captioning will be applied solely to our rivals on the Right, stay tuned for the DNC’s turn, soon to follow.

And now, because you just saw a number of photographs, we very uncreatively present Ringo Starr performing “Photograph.”

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