Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Song Selection - Look Out Old Mackey is Back!

To quote legendary Little Rascal, Spanky McFarland, “It’s Saturday! It’s Saturday! Hey nanni nanni and a ha cha cha!“ Meaning that, once again, it’s time to shelve partisan politics in favor of memorable music that people of all political persuasions can appreciate. The response to last Saturday’s posting of Bobby Darin’s, “Sunday in New York ” was somewhat overwhelming, garnering about four times as many page visits than anything posted previously or since. It’s gratifying to see that Darin, his talent and his legacy are still very much alive in the eyes of so many. In celebration, Bobby makes a return appearance to this week’s Saturday Song Selection. Today’s number will probably only be familiar to true Bobby Darin devotees, but it’s worth sharing so that others can be exposed to it as well. This song hails from the short period when he went by Bob Darin, traded his tuxedo for denim and abandoned his toupee for his naturally thinning pate. It was released as the B-side (you do remember 45's and A-sides and B-sides, don't you?) to the Tim Hardin penned, folk hit, “If I Were a Carpenter,” and it’s a Darin original composition entitled, “Rainin’.” If you’re primarily familiar with Bobby through his more well-known, swinging, big band arranged numbers, this provides a glimpse at a much mellower side. He was, certainly, no one-note performer. When next we meet, over a Darin melody, I’ll share some of the interesting and very dramatic biographical information that shaped this exceedingly driven man and helped make him the accomplished and multi-talented entertainer that he became. But until then, enjoy “Rainin’.”

Saturday, September 4th Birthdays –

Beyonce Knowles turns 28, and Jay Z, my party invitation is where, exactly?
Actress, Ione Skye is 30 today - a familiar name, I couldn’t pick out of a lineup.
Happy day to singer, dancer, actress Mitzi Gaynor who, at 79, is still washin’ men out of her hair.
And finally, major league birthday wishes to Future Baseball Hall of Famer, Mike Piazza – 41. the greatest position player to ever sport a Met uniform. Mike, this is your day, feel free to throw that broken bat right back at Roger (‘roid rage) Clemens. He’s one guy who deserves to be hit when he’s down.


  1. I love Bobby Darin. I love Rainin. I love NYC. And if you're not careful, I'll hunt you down because I think I love you too, for giving these things their proper appreciation. Can't wait for the next installment. Thanks VERY much.

  2. I adore this song. Thanks for keeping Bobby's name out there for all to enjoy!

  3. Shows off Bobby's talent as singer, songwriter, and arranger. One of his best. He is still the master. Thank you for this. Keep it up.

  4. Thank you all, so much, for the nice comments. The reaction to my two Bobby Darin postings have been so positive and so wonderfully surprising, that in appreciation, and in the spirit of giving the people what they want, there will definitely be lots more to come. Although my original concept was to make this a political blog, Bobby will now be a regular feature. Most likely, I'll be posting about Darin on Sundays. So, thanks again, and please keep checking in.

  5. I am at a loss for words which never happens. THANK YOU for keeping Bobby in the spotlight where he belongs. He is/was the BEST EVER and ALWAYS will be. I will continue to look for your articles on Bobby.

    Thank you a million times over.

    Once more, once.