Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Anger Management: The Struggle to Remain Rational in an Irrational Time

"... an agenda of fascism and xenophobia, as well as the religious persecution of Muslims through totalitarian policies. This candidate has openly promoted violence against peaceful protesters, and his words have even been considered as possibly illegal incitement to violence and rioting... Donald Trump is an enemy of the Constitution and the natural rights it enshrines." -  Anonymous

“Temptation, Frustration
So bad it makes him cry.” – Sting

“It may not be good for America, but it's damn good for CBS. The money's rolling in… This is fun… Sorry, it's a terrible thing to say, but bring it on, Donald, go ahead. Keep going… For us, economically, Donald's place in this election is a good thing.” – Les Moonves, Soulless CEO/CBS, Major Corporate Dip Wad, Traitor to the United States of America

Understanding and patient readers, who have been so kind through these almost 6 years of self-indulgent blogging, please remain charitable during this current swell of inner-expression while I, metaphorically, recline upon your leather settee and you notate recuperative observations in your Freudian/Jungian/Dr. Hartley-ian manner.

We begin with a sincere and concerned articulation of lament that this blog before you, a trivial, irrelevant trifle to millions, has, of late, been dominated by constant and repeated opining on Donald Trump.  Donald Trump, of whom Caligula once asked, “come on, man, that’s going just a little too far, don’t you think?”(Translated from the original Latin, of course.)  He requires no additional publicity and to write of him arguably (probably, not even arguably) further contributes to the political predicament of this gratis, gratuitous and monstrous media over-exposure that has directly resulted in the success of his campaign. We, after all, are a dense people who hold the sacrosanct belief that if someone is on our 1080p, than they are worthy of our unyielding admiration, if not worship, despite any openly exhibited villainy or vulgarity. As a proper real estate man, Trump’s made some good investments in television properties - he owns Morning Joe, rents Chris Matthews (slightly discounted due to the phlegm problem) and sublets Sean Hannity, much as he has amassed so many other star collectors in cable. But despite their incessant positive affirmations, Trump is easily the most formidable danger our nation is presently facing, and he must be stopped.


Donald J. makes me hate myself; or rather, to be somewhat more generous and lenient, he makes me hate the thoughts and emotions that arise in me whenever faced with his dour and sour continence. I, nycityman, am a soft, bleeding heart, love and peace child of the 60’s – the factual, actual heretofore hidden and unknown love child of Woody Allen and Grace Slick (watch the lawsuit that follows that revelation.) Yet, this pissant in polyester, this pustule with a colossal comb-over, this incubus to all things decent, humane and moral, makes me seethe with an intense and uncharacteristic rage. While the aforementioned Matthews grins in amusement and adoration like a naughty pre-teen who’s had his first peek into the girl’s locker room, my blood boils and my stomach turns. Factor in the incomprehensible knowledge that so many million Americans find some worth in this bilious Barnum, this huckster of hate, this swami in self-service, that I also feel as solitary in my ire as a member of the Wasilla Art and Culture Society.


Whenever that Cheese Doodles-hued mug darkens the screen and spews his usual obscene concerto of treacherous fabrications and embellished accomplishments, always false and always unchallenged, it’s as clear to me as the vacuum between Trump’s ears that the most patriotic and important thing any American citizen can do, is to prevent Donald Trump from getting anywhere near the presidency. The entire global community is not only in complete accord, but is desperately counting on us to do so for their own continued and healthy existence as well – no matter the approach or methodology.  I, myself could never perpetrate, nor condone, a deed more dastardly and deadly than participation in a Donald Trump Dunk Tank at the next Manhattan street fair, but should some malady, some act of nature, some act of a completely justified God or just a really bad and fatal hair day fell this Faustus of 5th Avenue, the tears shed would be those of relief rather than any of sorrow. And again, even pondering such contemptible considerations is decidedly disconcerting to this more ordinarily pacific person.

Yup, this is at a Trump rally

“War’s good business so give your son, and I’d rather have my country die for me.” – Jefferson Airplane’s “Rejoyce.”

Donald Trump wants the country to die for him, for his never before seen, unmatched level of egotism, for his glory and for his ascendancy to the most powerful position on the planet. He has exerted his perverted and sickening strain of power previously - over the undocumented immigrants he has hired and then not paid, over the ex-wife who accused him of rape but then withdrew charges when threatened with ruination, over his very own daughter whom he expresses constant carnal desire for - but never before over we 300 million plus Americans and by extension, the entire world population.

used to call him a clown, but that's an unwarranted aspersion to people who entertain and make others happy. I used to call him an animal, but animals aren't cruel, vindictive, petty and hate-filled, and are much more civilized than he. I used to call him a parasite, but even parasites serve a purpose to their hosts. Then it struck me, there is no more a contemptible cur, and so no term more insulting to tar someone with than "Trump." Simply, he's a Trump, a caustic curse in any language.

You can have loyalty to our country, or you can have loyalty to Donald Trump, but you can’t have both. Choose.

This Police classic has been quoted and we close with its presentation – “Don’t Stand So Close to Me.”

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