Friday, October 9, 2015

Death of a Nation – The Gun and the Ignorance that Embraces it

My soul seethes with anger. And I wish to lash out at Americans who embrace our dangerous and idiotic gun culture. Those who see bloodshed, a society awash in domestic horror and daily death by the bullet, and not only refuse to quash it, but believe the answer to a nation terrorized by the rifle, pistol and assault weapon is to ensure that even more people are armed to the teeth – mental state or criminal record be damned. They deserve neither my respect, nor my regard, but rather my disdain. Such willful ignorance and acceptance and endorsement of gun violence is grievous folly and hazardous futility, and those who hold such unenlightened and perilous philosophies should be ostracized by any civilized culture and be exposed for the treacherous fools that they are.

Another day, another two school shootings, such is life in the United States of the NRA. This country suffers from a fatal illness, its addiction to guns combined with a fear and loathing of everything - a destructive and detrimental attitude exhorted by the corporate courtesans that are the Republican members of Congress, through orders of their pimp bosses of big business who line their pockets and control every word, deed and vote of these D.C. whores.

This blog has always been satirical in nature, with a goal to uncover the humor in the political and social situations in which we find ourselves. Today, you will discover no joviality in this installment for there is very little in the actions and activities of the citizens of this modern day Dogpatch; which at one time was looked upon as a beacon to, and the greatest hope of, a world often in strife.  But that was a different America, an America as envisioned and set in place by our founders - worldly, curious, intelligent, forward thinking, well-read, intellectual men who, while holding almost a god-like place in the hearts of Americans, would in reality be castigated, ridiculed and hated by many of the current generation who truly have no grasp of our history, nor a clue of what an American really is.

As a nation, we have evolved from a republic to our current identity as an idiocracy, and are well on the road to a combination of theocracy and plutocracy.  Although, of course, the plutocrats have little interest or belief in things religious or spiritual, they merely use the sacred as a weapon against the devout to win over their trust and their vote, no matter how contradictory to their self-interest.

Welcome to the United States of America, land of the violent ignoramus, where education is considered unnecessary, snobby and elitist. Where Right Wing lies told in repetition are accepted as truths and actual truths are negated, rejected and condemned as Liberal propaganda.  Once a forward thinking and progressive country, now turned backward land where long agreed upon scientific facts are at first questioned and then rebuffed in favor of millennia old superstition conceived by an ancient peoples lacking in scholarship, and with an agenda to control behaviors through an invented system of morality and a vicious and vengeful god. Where history is ignominiously ignored, if not entirely rewritten, and we learn nothing from the dumb and dangerous mistakes of the past, but to repeat them, time and again; and where violence is regarded as the proper response to every situation.

I no longer have any patience for people who oppose the very reasonable gun regulations of universal background checks to close the internet and gun show loopholes, and the banning of automatic assault weapons, a favorite cause of their GOP deity, Ronald Wilson Reagan.  After the obscene series of mass shootings that continually bombard the U.S. on a regular basis, if you oppose these procedures, you are contemptable; at best, an accessory to these heinous and frequent crimes, at worst, as guilty as those who pull the triggers.

Perhaps it may not appear so, but I love this country. I love this country as it should be, as it was intended to be, as Jefferson and Adams and Madison designed it to be. What I abhor is this bastardization that these, not particularly, United States are becoming; maintaining a specific repugnance for the mean-spirited and selfish in positions of power who twist our founder’s intents for their own ugly benefit;  and the increasingly pathetically and proudly stupid citizenry who align themselves with this villainy and happily allow it to happen.  But there is hope. I still hold out hope. As long as there is a Declaration of Independence, a Constitution and a Bill of Rights, there is hope that this floundering, and in many ways failing, ship of state can be righted once again. There is hope. But until we the people educate ourselves to truths, facts, history and reality, rather than accepting the vile prevarications and propaganda of those who wish to control us, that hope seems utterly and excruciatingly unattainable.

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  1. I actually heard a coworker repeat the misleading reference to Hitler taking away guns before the Holocaust. Then another coworker saying how much better things would be with the 'fair tax'. It does seem like the crazy propaganda is winning more hearts and minds than rational argument. I wish I knew what the solution is.