Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Conservative Creed: Fear and Loathing in America

Cheers For Fears

“Of freedom and of pleasure
Nothing ever lasts forever
Everybody wants to rule the world”

When I was but a youngster growing up in the 60’s (thank goodness I was shaped in that era) and raised back in the New York groove (much gratitude to providence, happenstance, fate or chance for ensuring my birth occurred in this open-minded, tolerant, progressive and accepting metropolis) and was just learning the ropes of the vicious, malicious maelstrom that is politics, I bore no bilious opinions toward either Conservatives or Republicans. I thought that Conservatives and Liberals, Republicans and Democrats all wished only the best for our nation and its citizens, albeit with conflicting ideologies regarding the methods to achieve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But that was once upon a time, very long ago when Right Wingers were worldly, educated, intelligent and open to thought, discussion and debate. Alas, this now ancient form of Conservatism is as unfortunately extinct as the velociraptor, the erectopus (the most sexually suggestive sounding of all dinosaurs) and the possibility of W being carved into Mount Rushmore.

Ooh, you're a fine witch
Modern Conservatism, aka neo-Conservatism, Tea Party Conservatism or cruel senseless lunacy, is an entirely altered and unruly beast, a bigoted, hateful, ignorant dogma with no concern for country or citizenry but for the welfare of corporations and self; a relatively small, but presently dominant, nightmarish conglomeration of Freddy Kruegers weaned on the mercenary and self-regarding valueless philosophy of Ayn Rand, perfectly willing to destroy the world and its future to fulfill current egotistical needs.
Time was, Conservatives were William F. Buckley and Barry Goldwater not Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin. Republicans were Nelson Rockefeller and Dwight Eisenhower not Louie Gohmert and Tom Cotton.

Yet to declare for 2016, but still leads GOP polls
Since Barack Obama’s initial inauguration, Tea-publicans have made it a primary mission to establish a narrow and prejudice definition of what constitutes a “real American” – Caucasian, Christian, heterosexual, Republican, male – nothing else.

Concurrently, the GOP vision of what the “real America” is, exists only as pure delusionary invention, an  unrealistic, imaginary 1950’s fantasy, a black and white (correction, white) Mayberry recreation  (by the way, not to shock anyone, but Gomer is openly gay and recently married his male partner of 38 years) where everyone votes Republican, goes to church on Sunday, cools fresh-baked apple pies on the window sill, women and African-Americans know their proper places, homosexuals  subsist only in Godless Gomorrahs like New York and California, immigration was wholly halted after the arrival of the Western Europeans, and everyone remains in their small town hamlet, marries their high school sweetheart and takes over Dad’s business (The Mount Pilot S&M Emporium) when he retires.    

And, that’s actually all perfectly hunky dory and acceptable to aspire and wish for, as long as one doesn’t dismiss, discriminate against or harm others who don’t fit in that mold.  Our current dilemma is that Republicans prove, over and again, through both their speechifying and their legislating, that they not only distrust, but thoroughly despise anyone who is not in line with their very specific and very limited ideal of what constitutes a patriot and an American. The Right’s compulsion to act upon their intolerance, their willingness to benefit at the expense of others, and their eagerness to quash the rights and liberties of those with whom they disagree, is utterly intolerable.

Tea-publican Poison

They steep their tea with arsenic,
A lye and hemlock brew.
Served on a cloth of Gadsden flag,
With John 12:32.

They shout their love of country
Each a modern Paul Revere,
Yet loathe their fellow countrymen
And view immigrants with fear.

Their dream world a Utopia,
Where only white men rule,
And education lacks in facts
Just scripture taught in school.

Science, history, knowledge, truth
Sear souls like Hell’s own flame,
The tools of liberal devils
To be damned in Jesus’ name.

Empathy, an empty plea
When speaking of the Right.
Common ground, a hollow sound
Republican kryptonite.

No pity, no compassion
Ill will is de rigueur.
Just southern fried, old boy white pride,
And no comfort for the poor

Not when wealthy won’t pay taxes
Yet will always have their way.
And when Christ is on the dollar bill,
Incarceration, if you’re gay.

Their rainbow and their color wheel
All whiter shades of pale,
They’ll fight for rights of Klansmen knights,
Others freedoms they’ll curtail.

Conservatives beat the war drums
While liberals cry for peace.
Conservatives count their profits gained
From wars that never cease.

Then side with foreign enemies
And our President defame.
Pledge Allegiance to another land,
Just Americans in name.

So to feed off corporate corpulence,
Every snout shoved in the trough.
Raped the riches of this giving land
Every acre’s been sold off.

Enemies to the people,
Enemies to the state,
Enemies come from within,
Corrupting faith to spread the hate.  

Following that last bit of jolliness, Tears for Fears bookend this posting with “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.”

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