Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Auld Lang Syne - Yuletide Greetings

"It's Christmas Day!" said Scrooge to himself. "I haven't missed it. The Spirits have done it all in one night. They can do anything they like. Of course they can. Of course they can." - Charles Dickens

Alas, joyously and thankfully not too late, the spirit of the season finally shines upon some of us. Fostering those festive feelings, nycityman shares some short thoughts and brief wishes for those who take the time to visit, “…and several butcher’s aprons,” as I am grateful that you do so. And for others who will never read these words, I still extend sincere salutations of the season.

So, Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a healthy New Year …

… to family and friends. To friends constant and to friends new. To friends old and to old friends recently and happily rediscovered. To those who make the working place far more than just a place for work. To those who toil at a certain singular watering hole and serve treasured companionship along with the Brooklyn lager - no extra charge. To the current President of these United States, who we all must admit has had quite a successful week. To people of all religious affiliations and to those who believe in no god at all. (Can we please lighten up on Muslim Americans? They are our fellow citizens and have the right to worship whomever and wherever they chose.) To the members of “Darin Lifetime Events ’07,” and to every man, woman, child, domesticated animal, sea creature, protozoa that has been so benevolent as to read the oft-ridiculous ramblings of this shadowy scribe. To the New York Jets (please make this real, I’ve been waiting 41 years, I won’t be alive forever.) And to all my fellow New Yorkers who prove time and again the strength, creativity and unity of diversity, tolerance and multiculturalism.

And by the way, why doesn’t anybody air, “The Bear Who Slept through Christmas? “

Bobby Darin and “Christmas Auld Lang Syne.”

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Job that Stole Christmas

"Are there no prisons?"

"Plenty of prisons," said the gentleman, laying down the pen again.

"And the Union workhouses." demanded Scrooge. "Are they still in operation?"

My friends, just a quick hello. Nycityman is still among the living. I so want to be writing and so want to be posting. I have much to say about Barack Obama's constant capitulating to those whose only stated wish is to destroy his presidency; and the resulting undying government devotion and dedication to the wealthiest top 2% at the expense of the remaining 98% percent of the wonderful American population (with the obvious exception of the heroic Bernie Sanders.) I want to continue to expose and ridicule the sadistic, shameful, mean, malicious, callous and cruel nature of defenseless animal slaughterer and media ho (how pleasant and holiday themed) Sarah Palin (oh, how I wish caribou and moose had carrying permits so at least it would be a fair fight.) I've been remiss in my recognition of Bobby Darin and, horror of horrors, I even forsook the commemoration of the anniversary of old blue eyes' birth (I suddenly feel so reprehensible, and somewhat dirty.) I'm not on strike, nor on a work-stoppage from this non-paying blog job - but, alas, the multi-national corporation by whom I'm employed is reticent to recognize the joyous nature of the holiday season. Parties have been canceled, vacations have been postponed and the labor we all toil under has only been increased many times over while the powers that be twirl their waxed mustaches, tie defenseless young women to train tracks, snap their whips and throw their heads back and cackle demonically at our sad yuletide plights. I've been desperately trying to embrace the Christmas spirit since the Thanksgiving weekend, while simultaneously the media conglomerate to whom I dedicate my daytime (and now nighttime) hours has been desperately trying to quash those very same festive feelings. I've yet to partake in my yearly Christmas traditions - no South Street Seaport Singing Chorus Tree, no store windows, no Rockefeller Center tannenbaum, not even a viewing of my all-time favorite TV series Christmas episode from "Good Neighbors" ("The Good Life" to our friends across the pond - "Yuletide felicitations" "shoes, Jerry," "Christmas doesn't come in a van.") Time is rapidly running short, but the towel has not yet been thrown in. After all, Christmas is a time of miracles. I maintain sincere aspirations that Dickens-esque seasonal specters will shatter the solemn seasonal slumber of those who control the fates of us in the labor force, and I dearly hold on to the hope that the holiday will not escape them, and soon enough the spirit will encapsulate us all. Although my employer will not allow us to add more coal to the stove we, like Bob Cratchett before us, will all overcome and not only properly discover, but even generously share, that which is the true meaning of Christmas (Linus: "lights please.") So, much appreciated blog perusers, until we meet again, I wish you the best the season has to offer and hope we will be communicating much sooner than later.